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8 Tips to eat healthier and save money

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With skyrocketing food prices these days, it may seem hard to eat healthy while keeping an eye on how much you spend.  Food budgeting is important.

It’s easy to go to a fast food restaurant and buy a meal in seconds that is cheaper, but is it healthier?

It takes more effort to go shopping for healthier food choices, and this will save you money!

8 tips to choose healthier food options that will save you money:

  1. Buy a whole chicken. You’ll get 3 or more meals out of it:  1 – roast it and serve; 2 – chicken sandwiches and/or chicken casserole; 3 – chicken soup.
  1. Buy items in bulk at a bulk food store, for example, nuts, and dried beans
  1. Buy onions, potatoes, apples, and oranges in already packaged bags. Buying a single piece of vegetable or fruit is usually more expensive.
  1. Buy chicken with the skin on and the bone in. It takes longer to prepare, but it’s cheaper.  You pay for the convenience of someone else taking the skin off and the bones out.
  1. Dried beans in a bag may be cheaper than canned beans. Double check.
  1. Buy cheaper cuts of meat, for example, beef stew, and put it in the slow cooker or braise it.  These cuts are more flavourful.  It takes longer to make these cuts of meat, but they are cheaper to buy.
  1. Buy a larger amount of meat in a package.  It is usually cheaper; for example, 12 chicken breasts instead of 2 chicken breasts.  Cook and freeze the leftovers.
  1. Buy frozen vegetables in a bag. They are frequently on sale, are stored in the freezer so will less likely be wasted, and it makes it easy to add vegetables to your meals.

Being more conscious of what you buy will save you money.  Making better food choices may help you feel healthier!

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