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Have a baby? Here’s a list of free parenting programs in Toronto

Parents playing with their toddler on carpet. Clapping hands together

Looking to get out, meet other parents and learn about baby’s healthy growth and development? Wondering what free parenting programs are available in Toronto? Well, read on…

Did you know that Toronto Public Health offers free parenting programs?

Our parenting programs are offered in a group format and run by trained Public Health Dietitians, Public Health Nurses, Community Nutrition Educators and/or community partners. Programs take place at various locations across the City of Toronto. Some are also offered in different languages!

A 6 week nutrition program for parents/caregivers with children between the ages of birth to 6 years.  You will learn about eating well with Canada’s Food Guide, introducing solids/making your own baby food, preparing healthy meals/snacks, and developing basic food skills.

A 6 week program for parents/caregivers with infants 6 weeks to 6 months. You will learn about infant growth and development, infant nutrition, adjustment to parenthood, community resources, etc. Hearing from other parents lets you know you are not alone as some of your concerns and experiences are shared by other parents.

This 9 week program offers parents/caregivers with children birth-12 months an opportunity to connect with other parents/caregivers and learn about helping your baby feel safe and secure, feel good about themselves, saying “no” to baby with love, and hands-on activities.

A 9 week program for parents/caregivers with children 12 to 24 months. You will learn how to help your toddler feel secure by reducing separation anxiety, understanding toddler’s feelings, setting limits, helping your toddler learn, and so much more. You will have the opportunity to connect and share your concerns with other parents with similar experiences.

An 8-10 week program for parents/caregivers with children birth to 6 years. You will learn about your child’s growth and development, ways to cope as a parent, your child’s health and safety, how to problem solve and understand your child’s behaviour.

Register online and pick the location closest to you or make changes to your registration if needed.

You can also visit your nearest Toronto Public Library to check out their programs for kids and families. Another option for parenting programs are the EarlyON child and family centres as they may offer registered and drop-in programs for cargivers with children ages 0-6.

If you have any questions about our programs, please eChat with our Public Health Nurse or call (416) 338-7600.

Have more ideas of free parent and baby programs? Feel free to share them with us. Tell us what you liked best about the programs.

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