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Simple and delicious peach recipes

Calling all peach enthusiasts, it is that time of year again- Peach Season!  If you are like me, your taste buds have been tickling at the thought of juicy mouth-watering peaches.  Peach crisp, peach pie, peach jam, peach mango salsa, savoury or sweet you just cannot get enough of them. Peaches are a good source… Continue reading Simple and delicious peach recipes


Cold drinks on a hot day: Recipes

As dietitians we are often asked, “How can we drink enough fluids”.  See what tips Sally Hur, our nutrition student, has to share. During the summer, I find myself craving cold, refreshing drinks to quench my thirst. You all may have heard once that staying hydrated is important and beneficial for our health. Well yes,… Continue reading Cold drinks on a hot day: Recipes

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Savoury pumpkin recipes to try this Fall

When we think of fall, we think of cooler temperatures, leaves changing colour and of course pumpkins! Some of my favourite Fall colours are the deep reds, oranges and mustard yellows. These are also the colours of many fruits and vegetables in season at this time. Though pumpkins make wonderful decorations, we need to remember… Continue reading Savoury pumpkin recipes to try this Fall

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5 Refreshing and naturally infused water recipes

With the weather warming up, you’re probably looking for different ideas to quench your thirst!  Our dietitian, Melissa Koch, posted these great fruit-flavoured water recipes and I wanted to share it with you once again.  Share your favourite water recipe! _________________________________________________________ Sometimes I get tired of drinking plain water.  Knowing that most of my fluid… Continue reading 5 Refreshing and naturally infused water recipes

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5 fruit-flavoured water recipes

  Sometimes I get tired of drinking plain water.  Knowing that most of my fluid intake should come from water, I have to make it more interesting.  So, when my clients are not drinking enough water I suggest that they try adding fruits, vegetables, herbs or spices for flavour. Pregnant and breastfeeding women need to… Continue reading 5 fruit-flavoured water recipes

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Vegetable Barley Simmer Recipe

Warm hearty soup for a cold snowy day – need I say more? This recipe meets Canada Food Guide’s recommendation to make healthy food choices as it includes vegetables, protein and grain.   It is a great source of: Vitamin A Vitamin C Fibre Iron, and Protein Vegetable Barley Simmer Recipe Ingredients: 2 ½ cups… Continue reading Vegetable Barley Simmer Recipe

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Leftover fish? Make fish cakes!

You can prepare this recipe using almost any fish you like. I prefer using salmon, either leftover filets or canned. I have tried different fish cake recipes over the years. The one that I am sharing with you is my favourite one. What I like about fish cakes: they are easy to combine with other… Continue reading Leftover fish? Make fish cakes!

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Tips to help get more protein from plants

Whether you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s important to eat enough foods with protein; protein will help your baby grow, manage your weight gain and feel good! Protein is found in foods such as beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, meats and poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs, and dairy products. Canada’s Food Guide recommends that you choose protein foods… Continue reading Tips to help get more protein from plants