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Play & exploration lead the way to language development

Your baby is experiencing the world using their senses and growing physical ability. A blanket is something they look at, touch, feel and smell. During the first several months of infancy, they explore and experience but are not yet able to describe what they see, hear, feel and smell with real words. Your child is… Continue reading Play & exploration lead the way to language development

Baby's First Year · Parenting

Early literacy and reading to your child – How early is early?

One day I was watching TV and flipping through the channels. I saw a toddler reading while the talk show audience sat amazed! This 2.5 year olds reading skills were much better than what we expect. At the time I didn’t have any children, but thought the parents of that child worked very hard to… Continue reading Early literacy and reading to your child – How early is early?

Baby's First Year · Parenting

Encouraging your baby’s first sounds

When my daughter was born, I held my wife’s hand, looked reassuringly into her eyes and listened to the sounds around us.  The lights hummed, machinery whirred and monitors beeped constantly while the friendly doctors talked world events and then suddenly… “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH” our daughter was born.  Was she ever LOUD! Even the docs commented on it.  She… Continue reading Encouraging your baby’s first sounds

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Encouraging baby’s first words

Babies are beautiful and they grow quickly! One moment they are still, quiet, dependent observers and then it seems overnight they become rampaging, loud, independent explorers!  But sometimes our children don’t develop the way we expect them to. Baby isn’t talking!  ‘Hmm, what’s going on?’  How many words should this baby be saying?  Is it too… Continue reading Encouraging baby’s first words