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Parenting: Keeping it simple

Ever feel like you have lost yourself since becoming a parent? Being constantly surrounded by a baby or a toddler, but sometimes feeling lonely? Where did time for “me” go? Parenting is like being in a constant tug of war. Wondering when the baby will need you less? At the same time, standing over the… Continue reading Parenting: Keeping it simple

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Oral Health before Pregnancy

Did you know that healthy teeth and gums affects your overall health and well-being?  This is especially true if you are pregnant as gum problems can increase the risk of having a pre-term or low birth weight baby.  Affected babies are also at a higher risk of having asthma, ear infections, and developmental issues. If… Continue reading Oral Health before Pregnancy


Children’s health & diesel emissions: What’s the link?

It’s Healthy Schools Day on April 4th and Olanna Barnett, one of our Health Policy Specialists, shares a message about children’s health and their environment: This year’s Healthy Schools Day focus is on diesel emissions. Diesel buses have long been and still are a main mode of transportation for getting children to and from school.… Continue reading Children’s health & diesel emissions: What’s the link?

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Reliable and effective birth control: IUD & IUS

What if your reproductive plan is not to get pregnant right now? More than 50% of pregnancies in Canada are not planned.  With that in mind it is a good idea to make a reproductive life plan.  If your plan is to wait or space your pregnancies, then you might want to consider an effective… Continue reading Reliable and effective birth control: IUD & IUS

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Mental health support during pregnancy and after birth

As a Public Health Nurse, and mother myself, I will be the first to admit having a new baby arrive in the family can come with mixed emotions. With all the love and excitement babies bring, new parents can also feel stressed, anxious, exhausted, and sad. It’s often hard to know if your feelings are… Continue reading Mental health support during pregnancy and after birth

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What to eat when trying to get pregnant

Have you heard of the expression, “You are what you eat”? Now, what does it really mean? To put it simply, it means your body gets the nutrients it needs from the foods that you eat.  In order to get all these nutrients to stay healthy, we need to eat a variety of foods.  This… Continue reading What to eat when trying to get pregnant

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Build healthy eating habits for your little one

Imagine the last meal you had with a friend – there was good conversation, eye contact and maybe even a few laughs.  No one was stressed about how much the other person ate.  Everyone was relaxed and enjoying sharing the time together.  Isn’t this what we want for our families too? Build healthy eating habits… Continue reading Build healthy eating habits for your little one

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Unlocking the potential of food for kids

Nutrition month is celebrated in March and dietitians across Canada are helping Canadians to Unlock the Potential of Food! This March we will continue to explore the potential of food to fuel, discover, prevent, heal and bring us together. Let us look at this from a child’s perspective. The food we eat provides us with… Continue reading Unlocking the potential of food for kids

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Make your own salad dressings

As dietitians we are often asked about easy ways to make quick, convenient, and healthy food choices. Making these choices can start from something as simple as your salad dressing. Zaynab Al-Nuaimi, our nutrition student, has a good idea about this. Purchasing store prepared dressing may seem more convenient, however, a homemade version can be… Continue reading Make your own salad dressings

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Unlock the potential of food!

Food plays an important in everyone’s life. Not only does it provide nutrients to our bodies and keep us healthy, it can: socially bring people together, mentally keep us focused and well, as well as prevent or help manage our health conditions such as diabetes, and high blood pressure. March 2019 is Nutrition Month and… Continue reading Unlock the potential of food!