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First words: The power of play time

Before having my own children, I didn’t enjoy the winter.  However, I quickly realized that once you dress warmly, it's fun to get outside and play like a child again. And…there is so much to talk about! You can make a difference in the way that your child learns their first words. As a Speech-Language… Continue reading First words: The power of play time

Baby's First Year · Parenting

When children speak more than one language

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, living in a multicultural society like Toronto, it is my role to support parents and encourage them to keep their home language. Parents often ask if it’s ok to expose their child to more than one language when the child has a language delay. The answer- YES! Research shows that babies… Continue reading When children speak more than one language


Is your child ready for kindergarten?

Getting your child ready for kindergarten can be an exciting and stressful time for parents. There are many things to consider to help your child have a healthy start to school. Common questions asked are: What are the expectations for my child's speech and language skills? If I have concerns, what should I do or… Continue reading Is your child ready for kindergarten?

Baby's First Year · Parenting

Child development: Don’t wait and see

The rapid changes children undergo in the early years of life can leave parents wondering how best to care for them at each stage. As May is Speech, Hearing and Vision month, we’d like to make sure you are aware of some important ways to support the child in your world. When one or more… Continue reading Child development: Don’t wait and see

Baby's First Year · Parenting

Encouraging baby’s first words

Babies are beautiful and they grow quickly! One moment they are still, quiet, dependent observers and then it seems overnight they become rampaging, loud, independent explorers!  But sometimes our children don't develop the way we expect them to. Baby isn't talking!  'Hmm, what's going on?'  How many words should this baby be saying?  Is it too… Continue reading Encouraging baby’s first words