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Cinnamon-Ginger Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce

Start your day on a sweet note! Ontario field strawberries are available yearly starting in May. Try them in this easy pancake recipe that offers a delicious twist on the usual pancakes and syrup. It pairs the warm flavours of cinnamon and ginger with a light, fruity strawberry sauce. It's a perfect way to energize… Continue reading Cinnamon-Ginger Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce

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Why won’t my little one eat?

Does your child eat certain foods one day and refuse to eat them the next? Many parents often worry about this and ask me why it is happening. Young children are learning to eat; they are figuring out what they like and don't like in terms of taste, texture, touch and smell.   Take time… Continue reading Why won’t my little one eat?

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Six tips to support food sustainability

What is food sustainability? In short…it is maintaining a food system that is safe and healthy for everyone starting from the production of food all the way to putting food on your table. It means making food in ways that are safe and healthy for the environment and the consumer. But it doesn't end there;… Continue reading Six tips to support food sustainability

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Are you getting enough potassium?

By 2022, you will see potassium listed on the Nutrition Facts Table, as one of several food labelling improvements required by Health Canada. Why potassium? Diets low in potassium are linked with having higher blood pressure and other chronic diseases such as heart disease. Data shows that Canadians are not eating enough potassium-rich foods. What… Continue reading Are you getting enough potassium?


March is Nutrition Month. Find Your Healthy!

March is Nutrition Month! Join Toronto Public Health in recognizing the important role dietitians have in promoting health through nutrition. This year, Dietitians of Canada wants you to know that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to healthy eating. Healthy eating looks different to everyone. We all have our own culture, traditions, preferences and nutritional needs.… Continue reading March is Nutrition Month. Find Your Healthy!

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Mixed bean salad using non-perishable foods

Non-perishable foods, also known as "shelf-stable" foods, are foods that can be safely stored at room temperature. In other words, they can stay on the shelf instead of in the refrigerator or the freezer, such as canned foods and dried pasta. Many canned products can last up to a year on your shelf and are… Continue reading Mixed bean salad using non-perishable foods

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5 Quick & easy sandwich ideas

Other than having leftovers from last night's dinner, sandwiches are my quick way of throwing together a lunch in under 10 minutes. Here are my top 5 go-to sandwiches. I usually try to add some vegetables into my sandwiches. Give them a try! Between 2 slices of whole grain bread, add: A slice of marble… Continue reading 5 Quick & easy sandwich ideas

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Vegetable Barley Simmer Recipe

Warm hearty soup for a cold snowy day – need I say more? This recipe meets Canada Food Guide's recommendation to make healthy food choices as it includes vegetables, protein and grain.   It is a great source of: Vitamin A Vitamin C Fibre Iron, and Protein Vegetable Barley Simmer Recipe Ingredients: 2 ½ cups… Continue reading Vegetable Barley Simmer Recipe

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A recipe for wellness

These are difficult times and the pandemic is testing our resilience. We are doing things that we may have never done before, such as home schooling, staying away from our family and friends and working from home.  Our routines have changed and we may be feeling that we have no control over what is happening… Continue reading A recipe for wellness