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A recipe for wellness

These are difficult times and the pandemic is testing our resilience. We are doing things that we may have never done before, such as home schooling, staying away from our family and friends and working from home.  Our routines have changed and we may be feeling that we have no control over what is happening… Continue reading A recipe for wellness

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Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

In Canada, Breastfeeding Week is celebrated annually on October 1-7th to promote the importance of breastfeeding. This year's theme is "Support breastfeeding for a healthier planet." Breastfeeding contributes to a healthier planet by…. being environmentally friendly, there is no packaging or waste being low cost, convenient and readily available reducing baby's exposure to the effects… Continue reading Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

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Tips to help get more protein from plants

Whether you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s important to eat enough foods with protein; protein will help your baby grow, manage your weight gain and feel good! Protein is found in foods such as beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, meats and poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs, and dairy products. Canada's Food Guide recommends that you choose protein foods… Continue reading Tips to help get more protein from plants

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Pregnant and fasting during Ramadan? 6 tips to eat well

The month of Ramadan is a time of fasting for Muslims. Check out registered dietitian Christine DeSouza's tips to eat well during Ramadan. Fasting during Ramadan means no food or drink, not even water, between sunrise and sunset. Many Muslims stay up late into the night and may choose to rest during fasting hours. Ramadan… Continue reading Pregnant and fasting during Ramadan? 6 tips to eat well

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Can I breastfeed if I’ve tested positive for COVID-19?

Have you tested positive for COVID-19 and are wondering if you can still breastfeed? There is currently not a lot of information about breastfeeding and COVID-19, however we do know that with other coronavirus infections, such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), the virus has not been found in… Continue reading Can I breastfeed if I’ve tested positive for COVID-19?

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Positioning of baby: A key to successful breastfeeding

Proper positioning of your baby is one of the keys to breastfeeding success. A good position can prevent many breastfeeding problems such as sore nipples and low breast milk supply. There are many different breastfeeding positions to try and some may work better for you depending on your baby's size, your breast size and shape… Continue reading Positioning of baby: A key to successful breastfeeding

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Foods to support baby’s brain development

As a dietitian, I’m often asked by pregnant clients what foods they should eat to help their baby’s brain develop. The easy answer is to choose foods high in DHA, a type of omega-3 fat. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, it’s important to get enough DHA. This healthy fat can be your infant’s best friend even… Continue reading Foods to support baby’s brain development

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Help with sore nipples

Sore nipples is one of the most common reasons breastfeeding parents stop breastfeeding. However breastfeeding is not meant to hurt. There may be some nipple tenderness in the first week after birth but this should get better each day. Breastfeeding should not be painful when your baby is positioned and latched properly. If you have… Continue reading Help with sore nipples

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Breastfeeding your baby in an emergency

Emergencies often occur when least expected, when we are least prepared and with no time to plan. Every emergency is different and can include a wide range of unsettling events. They can be the result of natural disasters such as a blizzard, floods or earthquake. Your family could be left without electricity, clean drinking water… Continue reading Breastfeeding your baby in an emergency

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Skin-to-skin: The healthiest place to begin

What is skin-to-skin? Skin-to-skin contact means holding your baby against your bare chest or tummy. It has many health benefits for both you and your baby. Babies: breastfeed better cry less and are calmer stay warmer have better blood sugar levels Mothers*: breastfeed more easily learn when your baby is getting hungry bond more with… Continue reading Skin-to-skin: The healthiest place to begin