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How do I know my baby is growing well – at 9 to 12 months?

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Your baby is quickly growing up and is not afraid to show you what they like and dislike.  You’re trying to feed your baby their favourite food but decides to spit it out on the floor.  Or you’re trying to change them but their twists and turns creates a challenge to fasten the diaper.  You go into the bathroom and you catch your baby pulling off the toilet paper.  You take a breath and try to turn this situation into a fun activity – sometimes with no success!

Every so often babies do the cutest things.  Reaching for your face and giving you a wet kiss.  You’re taking off their shirt and they help you by pulling out their arm at the right time.  You ask to give you something and they actually do it – but then tries to take it back quickly.  This fills you with joy and admiration.  What else can I expect my child to do?

Although children develop at their own pace there are milestones you can watch for that show they’re growing well.

If you have any questions about your child’s development, please share them with your child’s health care provider!

Your baby from nine to twelve months can:

  • Become upset when their caregiver leavesLoving father with his baby girl
  • Play games with their caregiver
  • Show many emotions such as affection, anger, joy or fear
  • Make sounds and/or gestures to get attention or help
  • Look at a person saying their name
  • Combine sounds together as though they are talking
    (e.g. bada banuh abee)
  • Respond to music
  • Throw and drop objects
  • Pull-up to stand at furniture
  • Walk holding onto your hands or furniture
  • Takes off their socks

You may not even know it, but the everyday interactions you do with your baby supports their development!

Here are just a few examples :

  • Provide a safe place where your baby can crawl and explore.
  • Turn everyday routines into playful moments by adding tickles, giggles and fun interactions. They look forward to daily routines because they enjoys fun times with you.
  • Sing familiar songs as often as possible. It will help them imitate words or actions.
  • Use encouraging words such as “good for you”.  It will helps to develop self-confidence.
  • While playing on the floor, place some favourite toys around that are far enough away so they will have to reach to get them; praise them when their successful.
  • Place finger foods on your baby’s plate or tray and show how to pick them up.  They will feel more confident and be encouraged to use their fingers to pick up the food.

This comes to the end of our ‘How do I know my baby is growing well‘ series.  But, we will still be posting new information every week on topics that are for babies one to twelve months.  Please stay tuned!


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