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What’s the scoop on men’s health and fertility?

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Ready to have a baby?  That’s terrific news!  Did you know that men’s health before conception plays a key role in having a healthy baby? In fact, the evidence is growing regarding the importance of men’s health when it comes to fertility and the baby’s health.

It takes about 3 months for sperm to fully develop.  A man’s overall health and lifestyle impacts fertility, sperm quantity and quality.

So men – here’s 7 tips to help improve your fertility:

  1. Have a full check up with your health care provider
    Discuss your family health history; review any medications you may be taking that includes prescription, over-the-counter, and any recreational drugs; and test for and treat sexually transmitted infections and HIV.  All can affect your chances of having a healthy baby.
  1. Make sure your immunizations are up-to-date.
    Infections such as chicken pox and rubella (German measles) could damage sperm.
  1. Avoid alcohol, drugs, and quit smoking
    Since it takes about 3 months for sperm to fully develop, it’s best for men to stop drinking and smoking when planning a pregnancy.  Both alcohol and tobacco affect the quality and quantity of sperm and your ability to maintain an erection.
  1. Eat healthy
    You are what you eat so eating well will help you get enough nutrients to build healthy sperm.
  1. Be physically active
    Not only will you feel better, this will help maintain a healthy weight.  Being overweight can affect the amount of sperm you have and your sex drive.
  1. Limit exposure to environmental hazards and chemicals
    Chemicals can affect the quality and quantity of sperm. Where possible reduce your exposure to chemicals (such as lead and pesticides) at home and work.  You may also be at risk for lowered sperm count if you work in heated environments such as bakeries, use hot tubs and saunas for recreational purposes or use laptops that cover the scrotum.
  1. Manage stress
    Stress can decrease sexual function and interfere with the hormones needed to produce sperm.

Getting ready to have a baby takes effort from all involved to make lifestyle changes!

What’s your plan?

Comment below and tell us how you are taking steps to have a healthy baby.

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