What vaccines do I need during pregnancy?

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I’m often asked the question, “If I am healthy, do I still need to be vaccinated while pregnant?” So, I went straight to our vaccine preventable disease health professionals for information.

Although it is ideal to get your vaccinations up-to-date before pregnancy, some vaccines are still recommended while you’re pregnant.

Vaccination will protect you and your baby against serious infections.

The flu vaccine given during pregnancy has been shown to protect mother and baby, even after birth. Flu vaccine can be given during any trimester. There is a long record of safety for flu shots in pregnant women.

Pregnant women also need a whooping cough (Tdap) vaccine. Babies less than two months of age are at greatest risk for hospitalization from whooping cough. This is because their immune systems are still developing. Getting the whooping cough vaccine during each pregnancy allows you to transfer the greatest amount of protective antibodies to your baby. These antibodies give your baby protection from infections until your baby is ready for their vaccinations.

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