Baby's First Year · Breastfeeding

Positions and tips for breastfeeding your baby

Breastfeeding families often come to our clinics asking for help positioning their baby while breastfeeding. There are many different positions to try.  These positions vary depending on many factors including your baby’s size, your breast size and shape and if you had a Caesarean birth. Some of these positions are called cross cradle, cradle position,… Continue reading Positions and tips for breastfeeding your baby

Baby's First Year · Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding: Latching Your Baby

Having a good latch will help you make enough breast milk and help your baby to breastfeed well. It will also help prevent pain when breastfeeding. A poor latch can cause sore nipples, a hungry baby and a decreased breast milk supply. Some babies are able to latch on their own and others need some… Continue reading Breastfeeding: Latching Your Baby

Baby's First Year · Breastfeeding

Is it safe to breastfeed if I’m sick?

Many new parents want to know if it is safe to breastfeed when they are sick.  You may worry that you will pass your illness on to your baby. Your baby is exposed to your illness before you even realize you’re sick.  In fact, your body has the virus before you start to show symptoms… Continue reading Is it safe to breastfeed if I’m sick?

Baby's First Year · Breastfeeding

Caring for your breasts

Your breasts do not need any special care while breastfeeding.  However sometimes breast and nipple problems can develop.  Learning how to properly position and latch your baby can help prevent these problems.  Here are some tips to help you care for your breasts and to prevent some common breastfeeding problems. General Breast Care Rinse your breasts with… Continue reading Caring for your breasts

Baby's First Year · Breastfeeding

How can family and friends make breastfeeding a success?

After birth you and your baby will need time to learn to breastfeed.  You will also need to look after yourself and your baby. Here are some tips: Make sleep/rest a priority Limit visitors, telephone calls and other interruptions during the early weeks Ask for help when needed Accept help when offered Family and friends… Continue reading How can family and friends make breastfeeding a success?

Breastfeeding · Pregnancy

Get off to a good start!

Are you pregnant and planning to breastfeed your baby?  Here are some tips to help you get off to a good start when feeding your baby. Breastfeed your baby immediately after birth. Your baby is awake and ready to learn to breastfeed during this time.  Breastfeeding early will help you make more breast milk. Having your… Continue reading Get off to a good start!

Baby's First Year · Breastfeeding

Travelling with expressed breast milk?

Travelling this winter with expressed breast milk?  Make it easy with these simple tips. For storing your breast milk: put breast milk in glass or hard plastic (BPA free) containers with air tight lids (for example, small jars and bottles with lids). special breast milk freezer bags can be used. Do not use bottle liner bags… Continue reading Travelling with expressed breast milk?


Can breastfeeding be used as a method of birth control?

Yes, breastfeeding is a proven, natural, short term (six month) method of birth control.  This method of contraception is called the Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM). L = Lactational means breastfeeding A = Amenorrhea means having no monthly period M = Method LAM is 98 – 99 % effective in preventing pregnancy, but only if you… Continue reading Can breastfeeding be used as a method of birth control?

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Holding your baby skin-to-skin: What are the benefits?

Your bare chest is the best place for your baby to adjust to life outside the womb.  Your baby smells you, hears you, feels you and gets to know you.  Skin to skin contact means holding your bare baby against your bare chest or tummy. Your Baby’s First Hours Immediately after birth hold your baby… Continue reading Holding your baby skin-to-skin: What are the benefits?