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What is jaundice in newborns?

Jaundice is a common newborn condition where your baby’s skin turns yellow because there is too much bilirubin in your baby’s blood. Bilirubin is a yellow pigment that is released when the liver breaks down red blood cells.  Your baby’s immature liver may not be able to quickly get rid of the large number of… Continue reading What is jaundice in newborns?

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Breastfeeding and healthy eating

Enjoy a variety of nutritious foods from Canada’s Food Guide to help you feel your best. When breastfeeding, you should eat a little more food every day. Often, one extra snack per day is enough. This will help you get the calories and nutrients you need. Eating well when you are breastfeeding is important because it… Continue reading Breastfeeding and healthy eating

Baby's First Year · Breastfeeding

Can I Take Medications While Breastfeeding?

You may wonder if it is safe to take prescription or over the counter medications while breastfeeding or whether it is wiser to avoid all medications during this time. In almost all cases it is safe to continue breastfeeding while taking medications. Medications and Breast Milk Most medications will get into your breast milk but… Continue reading Can I Take Medications While Breastfeeding?

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Can I still breastfeed my baby while pregnant?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Many new parents want to know if it is safe to breastfeed when they are pregnant. You may worry that breastfeeding will hurt your unborn baby and that it will interfere with your pregnancy. You may wonder will I have enough milk for my older child and can I breastfeed two… Continue reading Can I still breastfeed my baby while pregnant?

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Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

In Canada, Breastfeeding Week is celebrated annually on October 1-7th to promote the importance of breastfeeding. The slogan this year is Breastfeeding: Foundation of Life. Breastfeeding provides the foundation for good health for mothers and babies. Here’s how: Helping the Environment No waste No utilities required No emissions from transport trucks Sustainable Natural source of… Continue reading Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

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Comforting your crying baby: Swaddling and other tips

As a nurse, many parents have asked me to give them tips on comforting and soothing their crying baby. It can be very frustrating and exhausting for parents to hear their baby cry. If you find your frustration climbing, take a break and ask for help. How can I soothe and comfort my crying baby?… Continue reading Comforting your crying baby: Swaddling and other tips

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Breastfeeding in Toronto: 2017 results are in!

In 2017, Toronto Public Health surveyed over 1,000 moms in Toronto whose babies were 6 months old. We wanted to find out how they were feeding their babies in the first 6 months of life. You may have been one of the mothers we contacted! Here’s what we found out: 98% of Toronto moms fed… Continue reading Breastfeeding in Toronto: 2017 results are in!

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Breastfeeding in public

Many mothers are comfortable breastfeeding in public. But maybe that’s not you. If you feel anxious about breastfeeding in public these tips can help you: Get comfortable with breastfeeding your baby at home with your family and friends before you breastfeed in public. Wear comfortable clothes, a loose fitting top, or a breastfeeding top. Use a blanket… Continue reading Breastfeeding in public

Baby's First Year · Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding: Watch your baby not the clock

During the early days after birth, some babies and mothers need time to learn to breastfeed. Your baby might be sleepy and may need some help to feed. You may need to wake your baby to breastfeed; holding your baby skin-to-skin or changing your baby’s diaper can help to wake your baby. As you baby… Continue reading Breastfeeding: Watch your baby not the clock

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Breastfed babies are ready for emergencies

Emergency situations often occur when we least expect it and with no time to plan. They are unpredictable events that can leave your family without electricity, clean drinking water, and transportation.  You may not be able to cook, prepare food, or access grocery stores.  Your normal life is disrupted. These events can be the result… Continue reading Breastfed babies are ready for emergencies