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Caring for your breasts

Your breasts do not need any special care while breastfeeding.  However sometimes breast and nipple problems can develop.  Learning how to properly position and latch your baby can help prevent these problems.  Here are some tips to help you care for your breasts and to prevent some common breastfeeding problems. General Breast Care Rinse your breasts with… Continue reading Caring for your breasts


Sore nipples? Here’s help.

One of the most common reasons mothers quit breastfeeding is because of sore or cracked nipples. Breastfeeding is not meant to hurt. There may be some nipple tenderness after birth but this should get better each day. If your baby is positioned and latched properly, breastfeeding should not be painful.  Having a good latch will help you… Continue reading Sore nipples? Here’s help.