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Healthy lunches and snacks for kids

With children back at school, parents and caregivers are always looking for healthy lunch and snack ideas. Healthy foods provide children with all the nutrients and energy they need to grow, learn, and play.  Here are a few tips you can use to provide healthy lunches and snacks for your children. For healthy lunches: Use… Continue reading Healthy lunches and snacks for kids

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Do I need to avoid foods that cause allergies when I’m pregnant?

The answer is no. The only time you need to avoid any common food allergens is if you have a known food allergy. Health Canada identifies the following 11 foods as common allergens: Eggs Milk Mustard Peanuts Crustaceans Fish Molluscs Soy Sulphites Wheat Tree Nuts Sesame Seeds It's common in pregnancy to develop an intolerance… Continue reading Do I need to avoid foods that cause allergies when I’m pregnant?

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What about food allergies?

Food allergies are often a big fear for parents. You may wonder if there are ways of preventing food allergies or how to recognize an allergic reaction. Where to start? The most common foods related to allergies are also known as "common food allergens" in Canada. Common food allergens are: Wheat Egg Milk Peanuts Tree… Continue reading What about food allergies?