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Safe storage of leftover food

Preparing larger portions of food ahead of time, or having family or friends bring you home cooked food, is a great way to minimize how often you have to cook. I often encourage my clients to prepare a larger portion of food and freeze the extra amount for another meal. That last month of pregnancy… Continue reading Safe storage of leftover food

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Food safety in pregnancy

During pregnancy, we often take extra steps to protect our growing baby. Preparing food safely should be one of these steps. In pregnancy, our body's ability to fight off bacteria changes and this increases our risk of getting food poisoning, also known as foodborne illness. Foodborne illnesses might not make us sick right away; sometimes… Continue reading Food safety in pregnancy

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Pregnant? Tips to eating your best during the holiday season.

Holidays are a time where we may go out for a special meal or celebration. How do we ensure we don't overindulge during this time? Tips to prevent unwanted discomforts from happening Eat at regular mealtimes and snack times. Before heading out to your gathering, eat at your regular meal and snack times. Don't skip… Continue reading Pregnant? Tips to eating your best during the holiday season.