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Your baby’s milestones in 3 basic stages

Smiling baby tummy time in a white nursery

Have you ever wondered “when is my baby going to do – that?”

Well, you aren’t the only one.  I like to break a baby’s first year down into 3 basic stages.  It is important to keep in mind, however, that every baby develops at their own pace, and that the ages listed are not set in stone.

Stage 1 – The Seedling 0-4 Months

A Seedling, huh, what does that mean?  Well, in the first few months it may seem like your baby doesn’t do much more than sleep, eat and cry.  Just know that the first 4 months is when they are really getting to know you.

Some things you can expect are:

  • Improving head control
  • First smiles
  • Love to cuddle
  • Start to wake up
  • Can stare at you for long times

So what does this mean for you? Great question!

  • Lots of tummy time
  • Respond when they are crying – they really notice
  • Look and talk to them all the time – you really are the greatest thing to look at


Stage 2 – The Potted Plant (4-7 months)

What – a potted plant, what does that mean? Now your baby has woken up and is getting really interested in the world around.

Here are some of the things to expect:

  • Rolling, sitting (get it – they look like a potted plant with all the pillows around them as the pot)
  • Putting their feet in their mouth
  • Reaching
  • Babbling and laughing (the greatest sound on earth if you ask me)
  • Following objects with their eyes

So what does this mean for you? Great question!

  • Look and talk to your baby all the time
  • Get down on the floor and explore and let them show you what they like


Stage 3 – The Mover and Shaker (7 – 12 months +)

Yes, you got it; this is when they start moving.  If you leave them in one part of the room the next second they’ll be somewhere else.

Here is what to expect:

  • Standing and walking with support then running
  • First words
  • Picking tiny objects up and put it in their mouth (picture a cheerio)
  • May ‘make strange’ with new people (maybe even Grandma and Grandpa)

So what does this mean for you? Great question!

  • Safety proofing
  • Patience in the presence of new people
  • Lots of bending and hand holding


Want to know more?  Check it out 

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