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Make small changes to create the best work environment while you are pregnant

During a prenatal class one of our group members mentioned that she was going to quit her job once she was five months pregnant.  “I thought it wasn’t good for me or the baby to keep working once I started to get bigger,” she said.

While I was able to reassure her that many people having a normal pregnancy can work right up until their due date, I realized that not everyone knows the risks (and benefits!) of being employed while pregnant.

What are the possible risks for mom and baby?

  • Physical – Sitting or standing for too long can reduce blood flow to baby
  • Environmental – Extreme heat or loud noises has been linked with preterm birth
  • Chemical – Breathing in fumes or touching toxic chemicals may harm your growing baby
  • Emotional – Too much stress may increase problems during pregnancy

How to stay safe and healthy while working:

  • Move around regularly during work hours.  If you are standing for long periods of time, put your feet up or take short walks.
  • Most employers are happy to make your work day more comfortable – ask your manager about taking rest or snack breaks.
  • If you are worried about your health while you are at work, speak with your doctor.  They can help you to plan your last few months so you are healthy and comfortable at your place of employment.

Many people experiencing a normal pregnancy can continue to work right up until their due date.

Think of the benefits of working too!  Work keeps you active and busy, and puts a few more dollars in your pocket.

Connect with Toronto Public Health for more tips to stay healthy during pregnancy.

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