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Just had a baby? Having unwanted or scary thoughts?

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You just had a baby and you’re having thoughts that are scaring you.  They’re repeating thoughts or images that don’t make any sense.  They could be of bad things happening or harm coming to you or your baby.  You’re wondering, why would I think of such a thing?  Am I going crazy?

YOU are not your thoughts

These thoughts are known as scary or intrusive thoughts.  They are more common than you think, affecting many mothers at some point after the birth of their baby.  One mom described visions of her baby falling out of her arms and down the stairs.  Whenever she was at the top of a staircase, it triggered her negative thoughts and anxiety.  Repeating images came to her mind every time she walked down the stairs.  She was terrified and tried to avoid stairs whenever she could.

It is common for new moms to feel anxious after the birth of their baby.  Moods change a lot during this time.  Anxiety is more than just a feeling.  When the mind is anxious, the rest of the body is too.  But when these anxious feelings start to affect your day-to-day life, it becomes a problem.

Anxiety disorders are an over-active state of worried thoughts.  Scary thoughts are a symptom of an anxiety disorder and can make you feel overwhelming guilt and shame.  Denying these feelings and thoughts will not make them go away.  The more you try to push them away, the bigger they can get.  Relief comes often when you become self-aware and learn more about anxiety and scary thoughts.

Make room for uncertainty in your life.  A thought is just a thought.

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