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Pregnancy changes – the physical & emotional roller coaster

Pregnancy changes

A few years ago I watched one of those reality TV shows about having a baby.  There was a young pregnant woman being interviewed in a clothing store.  She was talking about the changes she was experiencing in pregnancy.

“Once my belly started to grow, I started getting really excited” she was saying.  “And then my waist disappeared…”  [tears started to run down her face] “I’m also really emotional,” she sniffed.  I realized how important it is to know about all of the changes that occur when you are pregnant.

A baby’s development is the most rapid in the first three months of pregnancy.  And when baby starts to grow, you may notice:

  • stretch marks
  • nausea
  • backache
  • tiredness
  • heartburn
  • constipation
  • leg cramps
  • feeling stressed

You may not experience all of these physical and emotional changes but they are common concerns in pregnancy.  See your doctor if anything feels “not quite right.”

Mood changes in pregnancy are also common.  If you have feelings of anxiety or depression, talk to your health care provider.

Your pregnant body helps feed and grow your baby.

These are temporary changes in your body.  Feeling good about the pregnancy creates positive emotions for you, your baby, and those around you.  Connect with other pregnant people and talk to friends and family for support.

What helps you get through all your pregnancy changes?

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