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Spread the word – May 3rd is Maternal Mental Health Day

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As a Public Health Nurse, I work with women who are dealing with depression or anxiety related to being a new mother.  Here are a couple of direct quotes from new mothers that I’d like to share…

“I have to be strong for my kids, I have to prepare everything for them to be healthy and safe and I often miss myself, I give everything and then I have no energy for myself”

 “…because they don’t see it in your face, it’s not something you walk out and say….we hide our feelings, we don’t want to tell everything to everybody”

Do either of these two statements remind you of how you or someone you care about feels?  Let’s bring awareness to postpartum depression and help reduce the stigma around this health issue.

Recognize and Support Maternal Mental Health

Mental Health Week is an event in Canada that takes place every year during the first week of May – it’s meant to help the public learn, share, and promote the important issue of mental health.

Beginning last year, the first Wednesday in May was designated as World Maternal Mental Health Day.

1 in 5 women experience mental health concerns before and after the birth or adoption of their baby.

Symptoms can start during the pregnancy and last from weeks to months after the baby is born.  The depression and anxiety experienced by a new mother can get worse if the she is not able to get support and treatment.  It helps for the woman and her partner or support person to become aware of the signs and symptoms, and to know when getting help is needed.

Remember…you’re not alone, there is help, you will get better. 

World Maternal Mental Health Day imageMay 3rd is being internationally recognized as Maternal Mental Health Day. Help us spread the word and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. #maternalMHmatters

Every woman’s experience is different, and sometimes difficult for them to recognize their illness. Becoming aware of the signs of PPD and accessing information will help you feel empowered to reach out for help.

We all have a role in supporting women experiencing mental health difficulties.  Learn more

Maternal mental health matters.  

Share and comment below how you plan to support World Maternal Mental Health Day!


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