Tips to promote a positive and healthy attachment with baby

Pregnant individual holding belly with hands forming a heart shape

At about 19 weeks into my pregnancy, I started to feel my baby move for the first time! I wasn’t sure what the experience would be like, as some people say it’s a ‘feeling of bubbles popping’ or even a ‘flutter’. For me it felt like a soft and gentle ripple, and was an exciting moment!

I know that a little person has been growing inside of me for the past 19 weeks, but to be able to feel movement made everything seem that much more real. After that moment, I started to wonder to myself…what else can I do to feel more attached to my baby?

Pregnancy is a great time to promote a positive and healthy attachment with your baby.

Attachment with your baby happens through many interactions which begins during pregnancy and beyond. These interactions may include touch, smells, sounds, words, thoughts, images, and feelings.

Tips to help promote a positive and healthy attachment:

  • Being aware of how baby is developing
  • Imagine how your baby may look and/or their personality
  • Wondering what baby is thinking or doing
  • Stroking your stomach
  • Talking to baby
  • Singing to baby
  • Reading stories to baby
  • Listening to music with baby
  • Encouraging other people to talk, sing or read to baby
  • Thinking about what supplies you may need for baby, how you want to feed baby, your circle of support, and how you want to raise your baby

Some other things you may already be doing that shows caring for your baby includes: staying healthy by eating a healthy diet, staying away from alcohol, cigarettes and other harmful substances and attending regular prenatal appointments.

Attending a prenatal program is another great way to learn about your baby’s development, and to prepare for parenthood.

If you have any questions or concerns about your feelings towards your pregnancy and/or baby, please tell your health care provider, or connect with a nurse via eChat or call (416) 338-7600.

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