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Foods during pregnancy: Organic vs non-organic

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Both organic foods and conventional (non-organic) are equal in terms of nutrient content. I say…it is a personal choice. The difference is in how they are produced.

Organic foods are produced without the following:

 However, organic farmers may still use natural pesticides approved for organic food production.

Why do we consider organic food?

The choice of buying organic comes from a variety of reasons and it is a personal choice. Less chemicals such as pesticides, hormones and antibiotics is the most common reason most of us choose to eat organic food.

Why reduce chemicals in our produce?

We know the effects of some of these substances have in our bodies, such as hormones and antibiotics. With pesticides, there is conflicting evidence on the long term effects.

Regulatory agencies in Canada aim to provide safe food to consumers and, with the best current available evidence, set safe limits of maximum residue allowed to remain in foods.

Canadian organic foods are regulated via the Canadian Organic Standards. They can display this green and red symbol with the word “Canada Organic”. Using the logo is voluntary.

When deciding whether to buy organic or not, consider these points:

  1. Farming methods

Depending on individual farming practices the use or need to use any of these concerning substances is different. This can help to prioritize which foods to buy organic and which ones could save you money.

  1. Cost

If you can’t afford to buy everything organic there is a specific group of vegetables and fruits that you need to pay attention to and consider their organic options.

As the Environmental Working group puts it, consider going organic for the Dirty DozenTM:

strawberries nectarines peaches tomatoes
spinach apples cherries celery
kale grapes pears potatoes
  1. Where to go for reliable information

Do your research. If you go to a farmers market ask the farmers about their practices.

Here are a few sources I use to dig deeper into the latest information and research:

Comment below and let us know if or how you choose organic or non-organic foods.

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