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Foods during pregnancy: Organic vs non-organic

Both organic foods and conventional (non-organic) are equal in terms of nutrient content. I say…it is a personal choice. The difference is in how they are produced. Organic foods are produced without the following: Synthetic (human-made) pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) antibiotics or growth hormones Irradiation or ionizing radiation  However, organic farmers… Continue reading Foods during pregnancy: Organic vs non-organic

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Breastfeeding: Top 5 nutrition questions

Our family and friends often give us advice during and after our pregnancy on how to take care of ourselves and our babies. What we should eat while breastfeeding tends to be a question that we get a wide range of responses to. Top 5 breastfeeding and nutrition questions that I often get asked are:… Continue reading Breastfeeding: Top 5 nutrition questions