Pregnancy and COVID-19

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, is a respiratory infection; an infection that mainly affects your lungs. Those who have COVID-19 can have mild or severe symptoms such as fever, cough, muscle aches, tiredness or difficulty breathing. Research is underway, but at present there is no evidence that pregnant individuals are at higher risk of severe… Continue reading Pregnancy and COVID-19

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Canada’s Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP)

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This can be a joyous yet overwhelming time for you. You are probably thinking about the many physical changes happening to your body and what's going to come next. Prenatal programs can help answer your questions. Prenatal programs can provide information on: labour and birth prenatal care and services how to… Continue reading Canada’s Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP)

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What is delayed umbilical cord clamping?

A common question from expectant parents in our prenatal program is "when is the best time to cut/clamp baby's umbilical cord?" During pregnancy, the umbilical cord helps move blood, oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby. Shortly after baby is born, their umbilical cord is clamped. Research shows that clamping the umbilical cord at different… Continue reading What is delayed umbilical cord clamping?


4 Tips to help make an informed decision in labour and birth

Allowing the body to labour naturally is what's most healthy, safe and desirable for you and your baby. Medical interventions are meant to be used only when complications happen in the labour and birth process. Being aware of your choices, the benefits, risks and alternative methods that can be used in labour and birth is… Continue reading 4 Tips to help make an informed decision in labour and birth

Baby's First Year · Pregnancy

CHECKLIST:  Is your hospital bag packed?

If you have plans to deliver your baby in the hospital or a birthing centre, you'll probably want to start packing your bag when you've reached your 3rd trimester.  Not sure what to pack?  Here's a checklist to help make it easier for you. For you: Personal items: Health card Hair accessories Body lotion Sanitary… Continue reading CHECKLIST:  Is your hospital bag packed?