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Postpartum Depression in Fathers and Partners

It's common for new fathers to experience joy, excitement, stress and fear while adjusting to parenthood. Did you know that 10% of new fathers suffer from Postpartum Depression (PPD) and 50% when mom is depressed too? Most people are not aware, including the fathers experiencing it. To make change happen, we would like to bring… Continue reading Postpartum Depression in Fathers and Partners

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Celebrating involved fathers

Fathers are on the front lines, taking care of both the physical and emotional needs of their children. Here's Kristine Clarke, Public Health Nurse, to share more on fathering: In my work with parents of young children, I witness many fathers excelling in the role of caregiver.   I see them at the EarlyON Child and… Continue reading Celebrating involved fathers

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Depression and anxiety in fathers

Becoming a father is a big life change, there are many things to learn and adjust to in your new role.  Along with all the excitement and joy of having a baby, fatherhood may also bring sleepless nights, lack of routine, and unexpected stress between you and your partner. When everyone's focus is on baby… Continue reading Depression and anxiety in fathers

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Is it true new fathers can experience postpartum depression?

Paternal postpartum depression is a very real condition that can happen any time after the birth or adoption of a baby. Many people don't realize that one in ten dads develop depression.  It may start during your partner's pregnancy, go away after the baby's birth, and come back 3-6 months later.  In fact research shows… Continue reading Is it true new fathers can experience postpartum depression?

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For Dads: Paternal postpartum depression – it’s real

Becoming a new dad can be an exciting and challenging time in your life.  Many changes happen within a family after having a baby.  In this new role, you are trying to figure out how to take care of the baby, your partner, and other responsibilities.  The first few months can be the toughest.  The… Continue reading For Dads: Paternal postpartum depression – it’s real