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Celebrating involved fathers

Father and son sitting on an outdoor garden swing looking at each other smiling

Fathers are on the front lines, taking care of both the physical and emotional needs of their children. Here’s Kristine Clarke, Public Health Nurse, to share more on fathering:

In my work with parents of young children, I witness many fathers excelling in the role of caregiver.   I see them at the EarlyON Child and Family Centres I visit, and in the parenting groups I facilitate.

Remarkably, many of these fathers are doing this without the benefit of having had involved father role models themselves. These fathers are the trailblazers.

It is well known that how adults were parented when young, has a meaningful effect on how they will parent their own children.  Our own histories can provide us with both parenting strengths and weaknesses.

That is why it is so important for fathers to take the time to reflect on how they were parented, and identify both the parts they want to imitate, and the parts they want to do differently.

Trailblazer fathers, those without involved fathers themselves, often have to parent with greater thought and intention.  Fortunately, there are increasingly more involved fathers around to use as alternative role models.  All involved fathers of young children deserve admiration and support as they grow into their role and become the fathers they want to be.

Fathers today are definitely being called on to be more involved than ever with their young children.

The benefits of involved fathers are established and well worth the efforts – and from what I have seen, the efforts are very impressive.

I wish everyone taking on this crucial role a very Happy Father’s Day!

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