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Healthy relationships during pregnancy

Whether this is your first or third baby, pregnancy is a start of a new chapter in your life. Throughout pregnancy a number of changes happen to your body and in your family life. For some, these changes take place smoothly, for others it may need a few adjustments. Having the support from someone that… Continue reading Healthy relationships during pregnancy

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Express yourself: Better communication after baby

After a baby, everything seems to be different; from sleeping patterns, to eating habits, and especially how communication happens. As a nurse who works with parents adjusting to life after baby, I've seen countless times how things can keep changing- the good and the not so good. Understanding yourself and getting the support that you… Continue reading Express yourself: Better communication after baby


Children and divorce: Tips for parents

We can all agree on one thing: children are innocent bystanders when it involves parents separating - it is never their fault. Children need to be protected from conflict during marital breakdown. Last year, I was listening to a broadcast on what a modern divorce can look like, and the commentator's words resonated with me… Continue reading Children and divorce: Tips for parents