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Intimate partner violence during pregnancy

What makes a healthy relationship?  Do words like respect, love, equality come to mind?  Well, this may not be the case for some people. Pregnancy can be a vulnerable time for intimate partner violence due to changes in physical, emotional, social and financial demands. Intimate partner violence (IPV) refers to physical, sexual, or emotional harm… Continue reading Intimate partner violence during pregnancy

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Healthy relationships during pregnancy

Whether this is your first or third baby, pregnancy is a start of a new chapter in your life. Throughout pregnancy a number of changes happen to your body and in your family life. For some, these changes take place smoothly, for others it may need a few adjustments. Having the support from someone that… Continue reading Healthy relationships during pregnancy


Prenatal attachment: Tips to help connect with your baby

Are you an expectant parent? Want to learn more about how to connect with your baby during pregnancy? There are some activities that you and your partner/support person can do to help build a positive and healthy attachment with your baby. Prenatal attachment is the unique loving relationship that develops between a parent and their… Continue reading Prenatal attachment: Tips to help connect with your baby


Oral health during pregnancy

Recently my niece who is expecting her first baby asked me why her gums have become sensitive and bleed easily when brushing and flossing. If you are pregnant and experiencing similar problems, it might be related to the hormonal changes that occurr during pregnancy. These changes may make your gums more sensitive to the germs… Continue reading Oral health during pregnancy


Physical activity during pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Not sure whether to start or to continue being physically active during your pregnancy?  Well, you are not alone. As a public health nurse working with expectant mothers, I have frequently been asked about the safety of being physically active during pregnancy. Benefits:  improves muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness promotes appropriate weight… Continue reading Physical activity during pregnancy