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Top 4 winter nutrition tips

Winter is here and it may hang around for a little longer than we would like! Getting important nutrients from the foods you eat is one of the best ways to strengthen your immune system while helping your baby grow. Four tips to practice eating well this winter season: Eat vegetables and fruits: These will… Continue reading Top 4 winter nutrition tips

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Gingered Butternut Squash Soup

As colder weather has arrived, I start to think of what soups to make to stay warm and cozy.  Winter squash is now readily available, locally grown and reasonably priced. I enjoy using butternut squash but acorn squash, buttercup squash, Hubbard squash and spaghetti squash are some other varieties you may also see in store.… Continue reading Gingered Butternut Squash Soup

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First words: The power of play time

Before having my own children, I didn’t enjoy the winter.  However, I quickly realized that once you dress warmly, it's fun to get outside and play like a child again. And…there is so much to talk about! You can make a difference in the way that your child learns their first words. As a Speech-Language… Continue reading First words: The power of play time

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Warm-up with Curried Sweet Potato & Lentil soup

At this time of the year we can rely on hearty warm soups that will keep us healthy and satisfied until the spring time. This is what Bradie Hutton, our nutrition student would like to share on this topic. Recipe included! With fall quickly disappearing before our eyes, this flavourful soup will help warm your… Continue reading Warm-up with Curried Sweet Potato & Lentil soup

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I just survived my baby’s first holiday season…now what?

As a Public Health Nurse working with new families, and a mom myself, I know how busy, exciting, and stressful the holiday season can be…especially when there is a new baby on the scene!   Once all the festivities have ended and family & friends have returned to their normal schedules, new parents often fall prey… Continue reading I just survived my baby’s first holiday season…now what?