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Playtime – Box versus Toy?

Baby standing inside a box


Why your baby prefers to play with the box?

So here I am thinking how great it would be to buy a new, fancy toy for my baby.  Of course I bring it home, we open it up, and he only wants to play with the packaging.  Seriously, I can’t believe he’s more interested in playing with the box!

I’m sure this has happened to you too; so what does this tell us?  Well, it turns out that when it comes to play and babies, it isn’t always the newest and most expensive toy that your child will enjoy.

In fact the best toy for your baby is YOU.

You are the ultimate playmate for him — and just by playing with your baby you’re helping his brain develop.

The wiring in your baby’s brain is not fully connected at birth.  It is very active, changing and developing in response to what’s going on all around him.  It is the day-to-day interactions and being responded to by people that helps to develop your baby’s brain.

Toddler covering their eyesTry fun and easy activities with your baby to help him grow:

  • talk, read and sing to him
  • play simple games like peek-a-boo
  • get down on the floor with him for some tummy time

Toys for babies can also be things you have around the house, as long as they don’t break easily and are safe:

  • plastic measuring spoons or wooden spoons
  • anything with a face on it like dolls, pictures, or stuffed animals
  • cups, plastic containers, pots and pans
  • board books

As parents, we’re so concerned with how our baby will grow and develop that we often think it’s best to buy the most expensive and newest toys on the market.  But, chances are that your baby will be more interested in playing with a simple box; he doesn’t need the expensive toys.

Your loving, smiling face is the best toy EVER.

So get down to his level, look into his eyes and play with him.  He’ll love it as much as you and it won’t cost you anything.

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