10 ways to make your baby smarter

mom holding baby face to face smiling

Really, what is smarter?

We aren’t just talking book smarts here, but we are talking about what your baby needs to be successful in life.  To be honest, we can’t change the genetics (they are here to stay) but you can help your baby be the best person he can be.

Here are some things you can do:

  1. Pick up your baby when he cries or fusses
  2. Repeat sounds and noises
  3. Look into your baby’s eyes
  4. Tell your baby when he is doing things well
  5. Explain the world to your baby
  6. Sing to your baby
  7. Smile at your baby
  8. Show your baby you love him (hugs, kisses, cuddles)
  9. Give yourself a break when things get rough
  10. Do all of this and repeat –and never stop repeating.

What does my baby get from this?

It helps your baby to:

  • Feel good about himself (herself)
  • Be more prepared for Kindergarten
  • Have an easier time making friends
  • Have an easier time in school

Have you ever wondered what the connections in your baby’s brain look like?

Check out the pathways in your child’s brain from newborn to 6 months. When you respond to your child, more connections are created.

brain pathways, baby brain

Why does this make my baby smarter?

What we know is that when we do all these 10 things, over and over again, we make pathways in the brain. The more pathways, the more potential your baby has for success.

Relationships, not things, make brighter babies.
– Dr. William Sears.


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