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Let’s play…the dishes can wait!

Mother and child preparing dough with rolling pin in kitchen at home

Have you ever found yourself doing the dishes as your child is tugging away at your pants, along with a sweet smile and voice asking, “play with me, please”.  All that runs through your head is “I need to finish the dishes, then, laundry, prepare for the next day….” the list goes on and on.

Sound familiar?  Of course, this is a very common scenario for parents/caregivers with children.  In reality you just want those dishes done!  BUT, for your child, spending time with you, means the world because you are their best play mate.

The fact is – playing together benefits you and your child:

Benefits of playing with your child:

  • It’s FUN for the both of you
  • Your child takes the lead in exploring while playing
  • Nurtures your relationship
  • Your child feels important
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Your child learns shapes, colours, sharing, language skills
  • Increases your child’s imagination
  • Your child learns the ability to express their feelings
  • Quality time together without distractions
  • Less time in front of the T.V. and using electronics

Tips for making time to play with your child:

  • Read your child’s cues – what is their need at that moment?
  • Ask yourself-what is my child interested in playing?
  • Make play time part of a daily routine and include other family members
  • Find another time to do house chores or delegate chores to others
  • Involve your child in house chores and pretend play, example, when putting laundry in the washing machine “let’s pass, count and shoot”.

You can make time to play with your child.

Here are some fun and creative play activities to do with your child:

Remember, your child will cherish the quality time you spend doing things together!

What’s your family’s favourite playtime activity?  Share by commenting below.

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