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Baby it’s cold outside: 5 places to go with baby when the weather is bad

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As a Public Health Nurse, I’m often asked by parents of newborns for ideas of where to go with a newborn for a walk when it is cold outside. In fact, when my daughter was born in winter I asked myself the same question.

The easy answer is to go where you are comfortable going. After having a baby it is important to get out of the house for your mental health. Walking is an excellent physical activity that can be done indoors or outdoors.

It is also good for you and baby to get some fresh air. Babies like motion and they may sleep well in the stroller.

Ready to go?  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that it is not an Extreme Cold Weather Alert If it is, take the necessary precautions and do not forget about sun and wind protection
  • Be prepared to feed baby anytime, anywhere
  • Remember to feed yourself and keep yourself well-hydrated
  • Remember to wash your hands often if you are walking around in public places
  • Try to walk outside as much as possible when the weather allows for it

“Ok, but what do I do if the weather is really bad?”

Here’s my top 5 places to go with baby when the weather is bad and I want to go out:

  1. The mall is a common choice. Some malls may open early for you to walk around. Call your local mall to find out when the doors are open.
  2. Recreation Community Centres or Ontario Early Years Child & Family Centres (OEYC). Visit your nearest community centre, as some centres are pretty spacious to walk around with a stroller.  There are also Ontario Early Years Centres, Parenting & Family Literacy Centres, or Child Care Resource Centres that may offer registered and drop-in programs. Find a location near you: Ontario Ministry of Education.
  3. City of Toronto Civic Centres. Like some community centres, our civic centres are big and stroller accessible.
  4. The Underground walkway. PATH is downtown Toronto’s (mostly) underground walkway linking 30 kms of shopping, services and entertainment. Follow PATH and you’ll reach your downtown destination easily in weatherproof comfort.
  5. Indoor Toronto attractions. If you would like to learn something at the same time, then check out some of Toronto’s attractions, like the Toronto Public Library, Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario Science Centre, etc. This kind of trip requires planning ahead of time. Visit your local library and ask about their limited number of free Museum & Art Passes.

Comment below and share your ideas on covered walking spaces with us. Where’s your favourite place to go with baby?

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  1. I highly recommend the parenting and Family literacy centers (now called EarlyON Child and family centers). I take my infant to one every day, it is located inside the school my older kids attend. My 4yo attended the same one up until he started school. His transition to kindergarten was so easy and smooth because he was already so familiar with the school, the routine and the teachers.

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