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Hearty beef chili recipe for the whole family

Bowl of Homemade Beef Chili Con Carne with Cheese and Onions

This nutrient-rich beef chili recipe is wholesome, easy to make, colourful, and can warm you up on a chilly day! Make a pot on the weekend and pack some lunches during the week, or have for dinner after a long day at work. Enjoy this nutritious, healthy, easy to make chili recipe! Get your kids involved in the kitchen and make it a family cooking night.

This recipe is very high in iron (helps to purify the blood), protein (helps build your body’s cells), vitamins A and C (antioxidants that boost your immune system).

It is high in potassium (important for healthy blood pressure), magnesium (for healthy muscles and nerves), fibre (to help reduce constipation and lower cholesterol), and a source of zinc (for healthy blood, thyroid, and helps heal wounds).

This beef chili recipe is also low in salt, sugar, and trans fat.  Feel free to replace any of the ingredients with your favourite items, or change the amount of spices to your family’s tastes. If you like it more saucy, feel free to add some salsa!


Step 1:  Chop all your vegetables


  • 250 mL onion, medium, chopped
  • 37.5 mL (4 cloves) garlic, finely chopped
  • 30 mL ginger, finely chopped
  • 375 mL mushrooms, fresh, sliced
  • 250 mL red pepper, chopped
  • 250 mL green pepper, chopped
  • 250 mL zucchini, chopped

Chop all vegetables and keep aside.

Step 2:  Cook the ground beef


  • 1 kg ground beef, lean

In a large pot, cook the ground beef on medium heat.




Add spices and stir until combined:

  • 10 mL ground pepper
  • 5 mL chili powder
  • 10 mL salt substitute
  • 5 mL smoked paprika

Step 3:  Saute the onion, garlic, and ginger

15 mL olive oil

In another pan, add olive oil, and saute the onion first on med-high heat, until it looks translucent; then add garlic and ginger and stir on medium-low heat.

Step 4:  Add mushrooms

Add mushrooms and sauté with the onions, garlic and ginger, on medium heat.



Step 5:  Add red and green pepper, and zucchini

Step 6:  Add spices


  • 5 mL oregano
  • 10 mL garlic powder
  • 5 mL ground pepper
  • 15 mL chili powder
  • 10 mL onion powder
  • 15 mL smoked paprika
  • 15 mL salt substitute powder
  • 5 mL Worcestershire sauce

Add spices to the pan with vegetables.  Stir on medium-low heat.

Step 7: Add kidney beans

  • 1 can (540 mL) red kidney beans, rinsed, drained

Add kidney beans to pan with vegetables and spices on medium-low heat.

Step 8: Add tomato sauce and salsa

  • 250 mL tomato sauce
  • 250 mL salsa

Add tomato sauce and salsa to the pan with vegetables.  Stir on medium heat.

Step 9: Add vegetables/spices/sauce to ground beef

Add the vegetables/spices/sauce mixture in the pan to the ground beef in the pot.  Stir on med heat.



Makes about 8 servings.

Feel free to add more salsa, and grated cheese at the top!

Did you make this recipe?  Post your pics and let us know what you think by commenting below.

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Nutrition Information/serving size (%DV = daily value):
Protein: 26.31 (52.6%DV); Carbohydrates: 19.49 g (7.3%DV); Calories: 260.70 cal; Fibre: 18.89 g (78%DV); Sugars: 12.10 g; Saturated fat:  4.04 g (20%DV); Monounsaturated fat: 4.19 g; Polyunsaturated fat: 0.76 g; Omega 3 fat:  0.34 g: Omega 6 fat: 0.31 g; Trans fat: 0.22 g; Cholesterol: 51 mg (17%DV); Vitamin C: 61.78 mg (168%DV); Thiamin: 0.75 mg (50%DV); Zinc: 5.22 mg (35%DV); Niacin: 6.98 micrograms (37%DV); Vitamin B12: 1.79 micrograms (30%DV); Phosphorus:  266.51 mg (27%DV); Vitamin B6: 0.59 mg (29.5%DV); Potassium: 954 mg (27%DV); Riboflavin: 0.43 mg (25%DV); Iron: 4.18 mg (23%DV); Selenium: 15.58 micrograms (22%DV); Manganese: 0.39 mg (19.4%DV); Copper:  0.32 mg (16%DV); Magnesium: 62.3 mg (15.6%DV); Sodium: 542.68 (22.6%DV); Folacin: 47.26 micrograms (12%DV); Vitamin K: 8.46 micrograms (12%DV); Pantothenic acid: 1.17 mg (12%DV); Calcium: 80.25 mg (9%DV); Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E): 2.19 mg (7%DV); Betacarotene: 795 micrograms; Retinol Activity Equivalents (RAE)(Vitamin A): 64.25 micrograms; Choline: 92.7 mg; Vitamin D: 2.44 IU (0.6%DV; Plant sterol: 5.75 mg; Lycopene: 9068 micrograms; Lutein and zeaxanthin: 498 micrograms; Beta cryptozanthin:  97.75 micrograms; Oxalic acid: 0.0475 mg

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