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Fertility treatment and your mental health

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If you or someone you know is being supported at a fertility clinic or considering it due to challenges conceiving, it’s important to be aware of the impact it can have on your mood and well-being.  Why?

Going through fertility treatments can really change your life – daily appointments that may conflict with your usual schedule, a variety of medical procedures, side effects from medications, and don’t forget how expensive fertility treatment can be!

Then there’s the emotional stress of wondering “will this ever work?”  Living through fertility treatment could feel like you’re on a rollercoaster…so many ups and downs.  Research tells us relationship struggles with a partner (such as poor communication, feeling unsupported, and generally feeling unhappy in the relationship) may increase the risk of anxiety and depression during fertility treatments.

So how do you prepare yourself for the ups and downs of fertility treatment?

  • Look at your relationship. Are you and your partner getting along well?  If not, couples counselling or working through a relationship workbook can help
  • Are you experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety now?  Talk to your healthcare provider about getting the emotional support you need and be sure you are getting enough sleep and eating healthy.
  • Take a look at your social support network. If you don’t have people who can support you through your fertility treatment, consider joining a fertility support group. There are many located through the city and your fertility clinic can give you info about these groups.
  • Do you have activities that help you deal with stress? Maybe being with friends, exercising, taking baths, yoga, or listening to music can help.

Everyone’s journey to having a baby is different, try not to compare yourself with others.

Remember…there is help available in the community.  Find out more by contacting Toronto Public Health (416) 338-7600 or eChat.

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