Embracing winter activities with your children

Snowball shaped in a heart being held by red mittens

What if embracing winter activities was a commitment for parents and not merely a popular trend?

Throw aside the TV remote, ignore Netflix, turn off your phones; spend less time on social networks and spend more time outdoors.  Let’s get ourselves out the front door!

Living in Toronto, we are north of the 79th parallel (43.6532° N, 79.3832° W to be exact).

So we have to find a way to love and enjoy winter…

Remember, dress warmly and enjoy the outdoors. Children love the freedom and the fresh air!

Modelling our excitement will affect our children’s outlook when the thermometer dips below the freezing mark.

Every child’s life is built on relationships and a developing understanding of the world around them. The period from preconception to age five can be referred to as the “investment phase” for child development. This is the time to provide the best conditions for a child’s development. We know the early years have a unique and formative impact, so we as parents create the learning opportunities for our children.

Model “enjoying” outdoor activities, such as:family is outdoors at a Christmas tree farm during winter. They are wearing warm coats and hats. The kids are running away from their father, who is getting ready to throw a snowball.

  • walking
  • shovelling
  • making snow angels
  • observing nature
  • filling a birdfeeder
  • tobogganing
  • a trip to the park
  • access free passes at your neighbourhood library to various activities and events, like Black Creek Pioneer Village or the Toronto Zoo in winter

There are brain-changing benefits of physical activity for kids. Move that body, improve the mind.

Kids that are physically active have longer attention spans and are more focused. Increased movement = decreased anxiety, stress and improves self-esteem.

Did you know there are guidelines for physical activity for toddlers?

Come and enjoy a free parenting program with us, and find out more ways to get out of the house during the winter months, meet other parents, and see how they enjoy living north of the 79th parallel.

Play is so important as a learning experience. While many of us think of learning as simply acquiring facts, children actually learn through playing. And taking it outdoors improves that!

Share your favourite outdoor activity by commenting below.

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