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Healthy lunches and snacks for kids

With children back at school, parents and caregivers are always looking for healthy lunch and snack ideas. Healthy foods provide children with all the nutrients and energy they need to grow, learn, and play.  Here are a few tips you can use to provide healthy lunches and snacks for your children. For healthy lunches: Use… Continue reading Healthy lunches and snacks for kids

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May is Speech and Hearing Month!

May is one of my favourite months. Flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining a little longer each day – and bonus – it's time to celebrate communication and hearing! Since it's Speech and Hearing Month, I thought this would be a good time to highlight our four most popular blog posts about communication… Continue reading May is Speech and Hearing Month!

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Talking to Kids about COVID-19

With this global pandemic, a lot is happening quickly. It’s normal for everyone, including children, to feel worried and overwhelmed. Children look to trusted adults to find out how to deal with stressful situations. If parents are worried and anxious, children may worry and be anxious as well. Children need accurate and age appropriate information,… Continue reading Talking to Kids about COVID-19

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Creating a healthy eating environment for your children

Your children's mealtime environment depends on where they are having their meals and snacks. It is very important to create a healthy and positive eating environment when having meals at home. So how do you create a positive and healthy eating environment for your child at home? Tips to provide a healthy eating environment for… Continue reading Creating a healthy eating environment for your children

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Gender stereotypes & toys: The impact on children

The holidays are approaching and if there are children on your gift-giving list, there's a chance you are going to be visiting a toy store – where gender stereotypes rule the layout of the store! Here are some tips from our sexual health nurse, Jennifer Katz, RN, to help us navigate through those kids' lists.… Continue reading Gender stereotypes & toys: The impact on children

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Physical activity & children: What’s the connection?

Being physically active is important at any age. The early years (0-4 years old) is an important time to create healthy behaviour and patterns that your child will build on as they grow. Every little bit counts, but, more is better, at every age. We can encourage children to be active for life through developing… Continue reading Physical activity & children: What’s the connection?


Masculinity: What messages are we giving children?

"Boys don't cry!" "You throw like a girl!" "Why is that boy playing with dolls?" As adults, there is potential to fall into gender stereotypes very easily. I've reached out to our Sexual Health Promoters to share their expertise on the importance of talking with children about society's gender stereotypes. Here's what they shared: By… Continue reading Masculinity: What messages are we giving children?

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Celebrating involved fathers

Fathers are on the front lines, taking care of both the physical and emotional needs of their children. Here's Kristine Clarke, Public Health Nurse, to share more on fathering: In my work with parents of young children, I witness many fathers excelling in the role of caregiver.   I see them at the EarlyON Child and… Continue reading Celebrating involved fathers

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Keeping kids healthy

Is nutrition for children different from nutrition for adults? This is a good question that seems to come up often. The fact is, nutrition for children and adults is similar. We all need the same nutrients for optimal health but in different amounts depending on our age. Generally children require smaller amounts of food than… Continue reading Keeping kids healthy