Masculinity: What messages are we giving children?

"Boys don't cry!" "You throw like a girl!" "Why is that boy playing with dolls?" As adults, there is potential to fall into gender stereotypes very easily. I've reached out to our Sexual Health Promoters to share their expertise on the importance of talking with children about society's gender stereotypes. Here's what they shared: By… Continue reading Masculinity: What messages are we giving children?

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Celebrating involved fathers

Fathers are on the front lines, taking care of both the physical and emotional needs of their children. Here's Kristine Clarke, Public Health Nurse, to share more on fathering: In my work with parents of young children, I witness many fathers excelling in the role of caregiver.   I see them at the EarlyON Child and… Continue reading Celebrating involved fathers

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Keeping kids healthy

Is nutrition for children different from nutrition for adults? This is a good question that seems to come up often. The fact is, nutrition for children and adults is similar. We all need the same nutrients for optimal health but in different amounts depending on our age. Generally children require smaller amounts of food than… Continue reading Keeping kids healthy

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Build healthy eating habits for your little one

Imagine the last meal you had with a friend - there was good conversation, eye contact and maybe even a few laughs.  No one was stressed about how much the other person ate.  Everyone was relaxed and enjoying sharing the time together.  Isn't this what we want for our families too? Build healthy eating habits… Continue reading Build healthy eating habits for your little one

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Unlocking the potential of food for kids

Nutrition month is celebrated in March and dietitians across Canada are helping Canadians to Unlock the Potential of Food! This March we will continue to explore the potential of food to fuel, discover, prevent, heal and bring us together. Let us look at this from a child's perspective. The food we eat provides us with… Continue reading Unlocking the potential of food for kids


Screen time and preschool children

Screens are everywhere! The temptation to log in, to quickly check that email, and to look at the latest post or best deal, distracts us all. And when we use screens, our children notice and become interested. Studies suggest: 76% of preschool children exceed the recommendations for screen time exposure. increased exposure to screen time… Continue reading Screen time and preschool children


Embracing winter activities with your children

What if embracing winter activities was a commitment for parents and not merely a popular trend? Throw aside the TV remote, ignore Netflix, turn off your phones; spend less time on social networks and spend more time outdoors.  Let's get ourselves out the front door! Living in Toronto, we are north of the 79th parallel… Continue reading Embracing winter activities with your children

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When children speak more than one language

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, living in a multicultural society like Toronto, it is my role to support parents and encourage them to keep their home language. Parents often ask if it’s ok to expose their child to more than one language when the child has a language delay. The answer- YES! Research shows that babies… Continue reading When children speak more than one language


Children and divorce: Tips for parents

We can all agree on one thing: children are innocent bystanders when it involves parents separating - it is never their fault. Children need to be protected from conflict during marital breakdown. Last year, I was listening to a broadcast on what a modern divorce can look like, and the commentator's words resonated with me… Continue reading Children and divorce: Tips for parents

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Taking baby outside? Be sun safe!

Years ago I had a terrible experience of suffering from second degree sunburns on my entire face after enjoying 2 hours of outdoor activities. It was a sunny afternoon and I didn't feel the heat due to the gentle breeze constantly sweeping over my face. Your baby's skin is far more sensitive and they are… Continue reading Taking baby outside? Be sun safe!