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Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week 2019

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Sexual Health At All Ages” is the focus of this year’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week from February 11-15.  We are all sexual beings from birth until death, although our sexuality changes with us as we mature and grow. Our Sexual Health Nurse, Jennifer Katz, provides more details about what this week means.

At Toronto Public Health, the Sexual Health Promotion team focuses on sexual health education throughout every stage of life.

Through community workshops and Sexual Health Clinics, we offer preconception support to assist people to plan their reproductive life plan.  We also offer prenatal support for discussions of healthy sexuality during pregnancy.  Postnatally, we are there to support people through parenting program discussions, community group presentations, as well as our Sexual Health Clinics.

Sexuality throughout the lifespan

Toronto Public Health also offers parents opportunities for discussion about how talking with young children about their bodies and sexuality can lead to improved self-esteem and decision-making.  Often adults in our sexual health clinics tell us that they would have made more informed choices around their sexuality if they had received more accurate information about their bodies as children.

Taking care of sexual health throughout the lifespan can come in many different forms.  Young children can learn about their body parts and how to keep themselves clean and healthy, as well as body safety messages. As we grow into adults, healthy sexuality can include self-care, getting more in touch with what feels good for your body, and speaking up to health care providers about what you need to take care of yourself.

“Big or small, old or new, your sexual health matters!”

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