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Let’s talk about mental health!

Parent holding baby while sitting and talking with a friend who is pregnant

“Nobody told me it would be this hard; I feel like I’m in over my head”.

“Everyone I know seems so happy being a mom – why do I feel so overwhelmed?”

Sound familiar? These are just some of the things I hear as a Public Health Nurse working with new parents.

Pregnancy and parenthood are times of big changes. Everything from hormones, to sleep, self-care to relationships, and even how you see yourself in the world. These changes can sometimes lead parents to feel alone, or even ashamed they don’t always feel happy.

This year, let’s use social media to start conversations around mental health.  

In today’s world, social media is a very popular tool for parents to share their lives with friends and family. While it definitely makes it easier to stay in touch, it can create the (wrong) idea that people are living “perfect” lives 

While using social media this year, try to promote positive, helpful messages and remember:

  • Parenting is a time of adjustment
  • It is okay to not always feel okay
  • Sharing your “real” thoughts and feelings about being a new parent can help you get support and normalize these thoughts and feelings for others

When people are comfortable talking openly about mental health, it helps to reduce the stigma/discrimination for those struggling.

Remember, you are not alone in how you feel. Speak with your health care provider or connect with Toronto Public Health by eChat or (416) 338-7600 for services that support families in adjusting to the changes of pregnancy and parenthood.

Let’s keep the conversations going – let’s talk!

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