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Let’s talk about mental health!

"Nobody told me it would be this hard; I feel like I'm in over my head". "Everyone I know seems so happy being a mom – why do I feel so overwhelmed?" Sound familiar? These are just some of the things I hear as a Public Health Nurse working with new parents. Pregnancy and parenthood… Continue reading Let’s talk about mental health!

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Tips to help beat the Autumn blues

Are you already missing the warm sunlight of summer?  Have you felt stressed with trying to juggle with back to school routine with older children?    Is it difficult to go out in the darker evenings? Autumn can bring a feeling of change, or a feeling of the need to prepare for our long winters. We… Continue reading Tips to help beat the Autumn blues

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Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program: A participant’s perspective

Connecting with other pregnant individuals is one of the main benefits of attending a prenatal program. So with this in mind, Public Health Nurse, Andrea Winzer, and nursing student, Michelle Aclan, spoke with Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP) participant, Nadia Webster, to share her thoughts with you on how attending the program helped her during… Continue reading Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program: A participant’s perspective

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Maternal mental health matters!

What if I were to tell you there is a medical complication that affects 1 in 5 parents postpartum? That it affects fathers, too? And the biggest risk factor, is if you have already experienced it! The complication I'm referring to is perinatal mood disorders, more commonly known as depression and anxiety that can occur… Continue reading Maternal mental health matters!

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Does having a postpartum mood disorder affect my child?

Ever wonder if babies and older children know their parent is feeling depressed or anxious? Having a postpartum mood disorder affects not only one parent, but the whole family. Children are able to notice when a parent is acting differently by picking up on changes in routine and everyday behavior. These changes could be: looking… Continue reading Does having a postpartum mood disorder affect my child?

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Social media got you feeling down?

A few days ago, I was talking to a mom who recently had her second baby. She was having a tough week; her daughter caught a cold at preschool, relatives had dropped by unannounced, and the house (as she put it) was a "disaster". Frustrated, she expressed to me, "How do other parents do it… Continue reading Social media got you feeling down?

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Depression and anxiety in fathers

Becoming a father is a big life change, there are many things to learn and adjust to in your new role.  Along with all the excitement and joy of having a baby, fatherhood may also bring sleepless nights, lack of routine, and unexpected stress between you and your partner. When everyone's focus is on baby… Continue reading Depression and anxiety in fathers

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Mental health matters when planning a pregnancy

Has planning a pregnancy got you worried and tense?  Maybe you've been feeling sad, scared or not in control of your life?  Stress from trying to conceive a baby can sometimes affect your mental health and well-being. It's a good idea to talk about your feelings with someone you trust. When should I get help?… Continue reading Mental health matters when planning a pregnancy