Prenatal attachment: Tips to help connect with your baby

Couple lying in bed together holding and looking at pregnant tummyAre you an expectant parent? Want to learn more about how to connect with your baby during pregnancy? There are some activities that you and your partner/support person can do to help build a positive and healthy attachment with your baby.

Prenatal attachment is the unique loving relationship that develops between a parent and their unborn baby.

Tips to promote attachment with your baby:

  • set aside a quiet time to spend with your baby.
  • feel the baby’s movement
  • have attachment moments when the baby kicks;
  • encourage your partner/support person to notice baby’s movement
  • recite a rhyme, tell a story and sing to the baby
  • listen to soothing music with your baby
  • call the baby by name
  • think about items needed for the baby
  • speak positively about your baby
  • keep a diary during pregnancy
  • write your thoughts and feelings about the baby

Attachment with a baby often shows in a parent’s feelings, emotions and actions that displays care and commitment to their baby

To have a healthy pregnancy, it’s important to:

As a partner/support person, it’s important to:

  • support your pregnant partner
  • attend doctor’s visits and prenatal education classes together
  • learn about the baby’s growth and development
  • interact with baby in the tummy
  • prepare for the baby’s arrival
  • imagine yourself as a parent/support person

Every pregnancy and every person is unique; for some individuals attachment with a baby may start early in pregnancy, for others it may take longer.

Pregnancy is an ideal time to learn how to connect with your baby and develop a positive attachment.

To learn more about prenatal attachment:  Connect with a Public Health Nurse via eChat or call (416)338-7600

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