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Vitamin A in pregnancy

A diet rich in vitamin A (including fortified foods and beverages) is recommended during pregnancy for the healthy development of your baby's skin, eyes and immune system. Food sources of vitamin A are found in most orange coloured vegetables (e.g., sweet potato, carrot, squash and pumpkin), some orange coloured fruits (e.g., cantaloupe, apricot and mango)… Continue reading Vitamin A in pregnancy

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Bruschetta: An easy snack using local foods

Right now, there is a lot of locally grown fruits and vegetables available at our supermarkets such as broccoli, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, grapes and peaches. Here's Munira Shabber, a student with Ryerson University's Internationally Educated Professionals in Nutrition program, to share what "eating local" means and a quick and easy recipe. For everyone, including pregnant… Continue reading Bruschetta: An easy snack using local foods

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6 easy ways to get more vitamin C and iron during pregnancy

Did you know that a pregnant women needs about 50% more iron in her diet than when she’s not pregnant?  It's true!  During pregnancy, you'll need this extra iron because you're making more blood to help deliver nutrition and oxygen to your baby.  You're also building your baby’s iron stores for the first six months… Continue reading 6 easy ways to get more vitamin C and iron during pregnancy

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Easy cream cheese recipe!

Cream cheese made from yogurt is better for you than store-bought.  It's easy to make and so good for you!  This delicious cream cheese recipe has calcium, is low in fat and loaded with healthy live cultures.  Calcium and vitamin D help keep our bones strong and your baby's too!  So for added nutrition in this recipe,… Continue reading Easy cream cheese recipe!


Do you know what’s in your granola?

A Healthy Homemade Recipe for Granola Have you ever read the ingredient list on a box or bag of store-bought granola? What is "acacia gum" and why is it in granola? When you make homemade granola, you can focus on healthy, natural ingredients –good for both you and your baby.  My recipe has eight ingredients only and… Continue reading Do you know what’s in your granola?