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Is there a right time to have a baby?

Has your mom told you she's ready for grandkids? Grandma says you need to start having babies before you're too old?  Is your partner either super interested or unimpressed with the whole idea? Is it too early or late to get pregnant? Irida, a current nursing student walks us through the meaning of "the right… Continue reading Is there a right time to have a baby?


Choosing a Health Care Provider

Congratulations, you are pregnant! As an expectant parent, one of the many decisions you will make is choosing a healthcare provider to support you through pregnancy, childbirth and after baby is born. Ideally, prenatal care should begin as early as possible during pregnancy; however seeking prenatal care at any stage of pregnancy can improve health… Continue reading Choosing a Health Care Provider

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Health conditions & planning a pregnancy

If you're trying to have a baby or are just thinking about it, it's never too early to start getting ready.  Whether you are living with a health condition, or trying to prevent one - it's important to take this time to talk with your health care provider. To help improve your health care experience,… Continue reading Health conditions & planning a pregnancy

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What’s so special about being one and a half?

To celebrate turning 1½, all children in Ontario are invited for a special well-baby 18 month checkup with your family doctor or nurse practitioner. This is an exciting stage in your child's growth and learning as they become more independent. Parents need to book this in-depth checkup for two reasons: Now is the ideal time… Continue reading What’s so special about being one and a half?

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Planning a pregnancy? Questions your health care provider may ask.

I was so happy for my cousin when she married last year.  She was excited to tell me that she was planning to have a baby for next summer.  When I suggested she see her doctor for a preconception health visit, she had no idea what this meant and what to expect. Having a check-up… Continue reading Planning a pregnancy? Questions your health care provider may ask.


What can I expect at my prenatal visits?

Have you ever felt nervous about seeing your doctor for your health exam?   Well, visiting your health care provider when you're pregnant can also make you feel anxious, especially when you don't know what to expect. Choose a midwife, obstetrician, family doctor or nurse practitioner early in your pregnancy. Your health care provider (HCP) will… Continue reading What can I expect at my prenatal visits?


Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Now what?

You've just finished taking a home pregnancy test and to your surprise (or not), it's positive! You may have a lot of feelings, thoughts and questions going through your head.  One of them is probably - So, now what?  Read about 4 important things to do now that you're pregnant.   Find a health care… Continue reading Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Now what?