Congratulations, you’re pregnant!  Now what?


You’ve just finished taking a home pregnancy test and to your surprise (or not), it’s positive! You may have a lot of feelings, thoughts and questions going through your head.  One of them is probably – So, now what?  Read about 4 important things to do now that you’re pregnant.

Find a health care provider

Make plans to see a health care provider early in your pregnancy.  The first 12 weeks is a very important time for your baby’s development.  Learn about the different types of health care providers and think about who you’d like to care for you while you’re pregnant.

Register for prenatal classes

Learn as much about pregnancy as you can by signing up early for prenatal classes.  Check out all of our programs and services to learn more about staying healthy during pregnancy.

Make lifestyle changes

Pregnancy is the time to think about making some lifestyle changes that will help you and your baby be as healthy as possible.  Here are some important things to remember:

Get ready to become a parent 

Take this time to plan ahead and feel prepared for your new life with a baby.  Talk to people you trust about what to expect when your baby is here.  Think about how you’ll care for your baby.  This can include how you’ll feed your baby, how your baby can sleep safely and ways to respond to your crying baby.

Lastly, enjoy your pregnancy journey!

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