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My baby is almost 18 months old – now what?

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Now…your baby’s officially entitled to the Enhanced 18 Month Well Baby Visit.  As a nurse, I often see parents who attend our parenting programs amazed by the growth & development their baby has experienced over the last 1.5 years!

Look at all the great things your child is doing at 18 months:  walking, saying 20 or more words, holding a cup or eat finger foods, showing feelings towards others or toys.  Great job!  Amazing team work!

Why focus on 18 months?

The time gap between 18 months and your next immunization at 4 years of age is big, so 18 months is a perfect time for this comprehensive assessment by your health care professional.  The best part is that this longer and more in-depth visit is covered by OHIP. Wow, more time for questions! Make sure you ask about this visit at your next appointment.

What does the enhanced 18 month well baby visit mean for you and your baby?

It’s an opportunity to have more detailed discussion about your baby’s development with your health care professional and to celebrate your baby’s growth as well.

When talking to your health care professional, always remember:  You know your baby best!

How do I prepare for the 18 month well baby visit?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Prepare yourself
  1. Bring the completed NDDS checklist and a copy of your online planner to your visit.
  2. Write down any questions or concerns you have about your baby. There is no such thing as bad questions!  Your health care professional will appreciate your curiosity.


At the visit, your health care professional will:

  1. Complete the Rourke Baby Record
  2. Encourage families to complete the Nipissing District Developmental Screen (2011).
  3. Refer to services through CITYKIDS or Toronto Preschool Speech and Language Services if a developmental concern is identified.

Remember, at any time you are concerned about your baby’s growth consult with your health care professional!

To further enhance your baby’s milestones read more on building a strong relationship with your baby and tips on playing together.

For more information on the 18 month Enhanced Well Baby Visit or to information about parenting programs, contact our Public Health Nurses at (416) 338-7600 or chat with them online.

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