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10 ways to save at the grocery store

Pregnant woman doing her grocery shopping with her daughter sitting in a shopping cart

Once you get to the grocery store, you may feel like a kid in the candy store!  You may like to walk down every aisle and choose what appeals to you that day.  You may go to the store many times a week just on a whim.

You may have your kids with you, who each are asking for treats in every aisle.  Your family may not have eaten before you went shopping so you end up buying too many snacks and convenience foods.

Food budgeting tips may help you to be more mindful of the money you spend at the grocery store.

10 ways to save money at the grocery store:

  1. Do your homework.
    Look at flyers or check out stores online to know which stores have sales on the foods you want to buy.
  1. Shop at stores that will price match.
    Some stores will sell you items at a lower price if you can show that the item is being sold for a lower price at another store.
  1. Try to shop without the kids if possible.
    Have your partner or friend watch the kids while you go shopping.
  1. Try not to shop when you are hungry.
    You will buy less junk food and already prepared foods.
  1. Shop the perimeter of the store first.
    Usually this is where you will find the vegetables and fruits; grain products like bread; milk, yogurt, and cheese; and meat, chicken, and fish.
  1. Only shop in the middle aisles to get the staples you need.
    This is where you will find items like beans, lentils, nuts, pasta, rice, oatmeal, spices, baking items, and other basic items that your family needs.
  1. Drop down and rise up while in the aisles.
    Items are cheaper that are lower down and higher up on the shelves.  Eye-level items are usually more expensive.
  1. Check the unit price.
    For example, if one brand of olive oil is $12.99 for 500 ml, and a second brand of olive oil is on sale for $9.99 for 750 ml, buy the second olive oil brand.
  1. Be aware of items at the end of the aisles and at the cash register.
    These locations may contain items on sale, or perhaps the store would like you to grab these items while you’re waiting to check out!
  1. Don’t go to the grocery store too often.
    The more you go, the more you will spend.  Once a week may work for your family.

Being mindful of the money you spend will help your food budget dollars last longer 

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