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Positions and tips for breastfeeding your baby

Couple with baby breastfeedingBreastfeeding families often come to our clinics asking for help positioning their baby while breastfeeding. There are many different positions to try.  These positions vary depending on many factors including your baby’s size, your breast size and shape and if you had a Caesarean birth.

Some of these positions are called cross cradle, cradle position, football position and side-lying position.

Cross cradle position works well if you:

  • are learning to breastfeed
  • have a small baby

Cradle position works well:

  • after you are comfortable with breastfeeding

Football position works well if you:

  • are learning to breastfeed
  • have difficulty maintaining a latch
  • have a small baby
  • have large breasts
  • have flat or sore nipples
  • had a Caesarean birth

Side-lying position works well if you:

  • find it too painful to sit
  • want to rest when you breastfeed
  • have large breast
  • had a Caesarean birth

Choose a breastfeeding position that allows you to be relaxed and comfortable. With all positions, make sure your back and arms are well supported. Your feet should be flat on the floor (except side-lying) and your legs relaxed. A footstool or large book under your feet may help.

Come visit one of our clinics for breastfeeding support.

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