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Convenience foods: How to make them healthy

Bowl of tofu and vegetable stir fry.

Many of my clients express that they are constantly thinking of what their next meal or snack will be but time to prepare a “healthy” meal is minimal.  In an ideal world, we would all have time to buy ingredients from farmers markets and make all our meals from scratch. However the reality is, time is a precious commodity and we would all like more of it.

Convenience foods are by definition foods that need little preparation for consumption.

In this day and age there has been a rise in the types of convenience foods which are better for your health. We can now choose these foods to help increase energy and protein intake.Ideas to make convenience foods health:

Quick ideas to make convenience foods healthier:


  1. Jarred pasta sauce – Add some frozen vegetables, ground turkey and you have a wonderful tasting sauce to have with rice or noodles.
  2. Canned salmon or tuna – Use in salads, as burger patties, or in pastas for added DHA.
  3. Canned beans – Use in soups or salads for added protein and fiber.
  4. Dried fruit or nuts – Add to your favorite cereal, yogurt or even salads for an added crunch.
  5. Nori/ Seaweed Sheets – Use it in place of tortillas by wrapping your favorite toppings or eat them on their own for a nutritious snack.


  1. Hummus – Dip your favorite vegetables or flat breads to give some extra protein.
  2. Tofu – Turn the firm kind into a stir fry with veggies; blend the soft kind into smoothies.


  1. Frozen veggies –Try adding frozen corn or peas to your stews and sauces for added vitamins.
  2. Frozen fruit – Great for smoothies, blending into plain yogurt, and baked goods.
  3. Edamame – In the shell they are great for a snack, out of the shell can be tossed into salads or pastas.

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