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How to stay hydrated during the cooler months

Pumpkin soup in white bowl with wooden spoon

The heat has long left us behind and now the thought of a warm drink is comforting during the cooler months. Cold temperatures make it hard to remember to drink and keep up with fluid needs in pregnancy. Although we sweat more in the summer we still have the same needs in the winter.

Consider these ideas to help you with your fluid intake:

  • Hot chocolate: is a hydrating drink that has milk.  Try making it with dark chocolate to reduce the sugar load and note that it adds caffeineGlass cup filled with tea
  • Warm water with flavour:  After boiling water add lemon, ginger, mint or your favourite spice to make it into your own flavoured tea.
  • Soups: Both water and milk based soups add to your fluid needs as well as tons of nutrients.
  • Hot fruit punch: be aware that these can be loaded with unnecessary sugars, so just make sure they are not your only drink of the day. Always boil or use pasteurized fruit ciders during pregnancy to avoid unwanted bacteria.

For more ideas, connect with a health professional via eChat or call (416) 338-7600.

And if you find a favourite warm drink this winter we would love to know about it. Please share by commenting below.



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