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Can I drink alcohol if I’m planning a pregnancy or pregnant?

Cranberry and rosemary lemonade, cocktail, fizz on a wooden backgroundWith the holiday season fast approaching, it’s a known fact that parties and alcoholic drinks will be a part of the celebrations.  But what about drinking alcohol when you’re planning a pregnancy?

If I’m not pregnant yet, is it okay to have just one or two drinks?

When it comes to drinking alcohol and planning a pregnancy, the safest choice is to drink no alcohol at all.  The reason for this is simply because people often don’t know they are pregnant until they are about 4 weeks into their pregnancy when the baby’s brain is developing.  If it is possible that you could be pregnant, having no alcohol will ensure that your baby is not exposed to its harmful effects.

During pregnancy, no amount of alcohol is safe because alcohol can result in a number of problems that include:

Whether you are hosting a holiday celebration or attending one, why not try a Mocktail?  They are delicious and fun.

There is no safe amount, no safe type, and no safe time to drink alcohol when planning to get pregnant or during pregnancy.

If you or your partner are concerned about alcohol use before conceiving or during pregnancy, speak to your health care provider.  You may also eChat or speak with a Public Health Nurse at (416) 338-7600.

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